Week Four Update

Martiemary Rose
2 min readFeb 10

The Artist Way

Photo by Seema Miah on Unsplash

I will start by apologizing for this update being super late. But all that matters now is that I am here to give you the update now. So here’s how week four went for me in the artist way.

I hated not reading for a week. I hope I never have to experience that ever again. I still don’t like doing the morning pages. I feel like it takes me hours to write three pages long handed (I believe that’s what Julia Cameron called it).

But it did allow me a week to really get back into my art again. I was watching YouTube videos for inspiration. I was playing around with my colored sharpie pens. It allowed me to feel like that kid I once was when it came to playing with art supplies.

It gave me the time that I needed to find the love I once had for drawing. It’s a long story of how I lost that love for art. But all that matters is that I was given a week, without realizing I needed it, for me to explore and find my love for drawing again.

Overall week four wasn’t horrible. But I really hated the fact that I couldn’t read before bed or read to pass by time. At least now I know how much I love reading. So, I take that as another thing I should be grateful for. The love of books, the authors for writing books, and the places the books take me. As well as the many lives I have lived through all the books I have ever read in my life.

Thank you for reading! Have you ever went a week without reading? Tell me in the comment section below how it went for you.

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