Week Five Update

Martiemary Rose
3 min readFeb 14

The Artist Way

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Week five I had trouble finding my footing on getting back into my reading routine. All I wanted to do was draw and play with my art supplies. Something I haven’t had an urge to do in years. I hope this is a sign that I’m getting through some of my creative blocks.

I still hate the morning pages. So, what I decided to do to help make the morning pages seem less like a chore, was to do a writing prompt. What I do is google self-love, and self development prompts. I have found that this helps get me to write more faster and easier. It’s still using the morning pages on what they were design for, but in my own way. I also use my Super Attractor deck, to pull an affirmation from. Sometimes I write anything that comes up for me, or thoughts about the affirmation. Which also tends to help me to write more.

Another thing I do when it comes to the morning pages is, I don’t focus on writing three pages long hand. What I mean by that is, I write until I don’t have nothing else to say. Sometimes it’s a page, sometimes two, and if I hit the three page mark, I take that as a good day. I’ve learned at this point with the morning pages, if I don’t bend the rules a bit, I could see myself quitting. And I’m not a quitter. I like to find a way to make things work, without it feeling forced.

I use a regular marble composition book. Which gives me plenty of room to write my thoughts. But I write small. So, writing three pages long hand makes me feel like a failure if I don’t have anything to write to fill those three pages. Which made me come up with a compromise for myself and the morning pages. This way I won’t consider giving up. Or feel less about myself when I don’t hit the target of writing three pages.

What it boils down to, is doing what’s best for you. If you’re anything like me, you may feel like you have to do things the way things are designed or structured. But I’m learning as part of my self-care is that sometimes you have to do things differently in order for it to work for you. Now if it still doesn’t work for you after bending a few rules and even compromise something with your needs. Then it just isn’t for you. And that’s perfectly fine. Don’t feel bad about it. And don’t feel guilty about it either. We are all different. Love yourself for the way you are. Because there is nobody like you, except you.

Thank you for reading! Have you ever done the artist way? Or tried the morning pages? Please let me know in the comment section down below. Even if you learned that it wasn’t for you, you can still share your thoughts with me. If you would like.

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