The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty

Martiemary Rose
2 min readFeb 14

A book review

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I’m just going to start off by saying that I would never recommend this book to anybody. I barely made it to page seventy nine. This book seemed to rapey for me. And before you come at me and say maybe this book isn’t for me. Which yes definitely it wasn’t. But I’ve read Fifty Shades of Grey. And it wasn’t even close to being as bad as this book.

This book was a lot more brutal. At least Christian eased Anastasia into his lifestyle. And she didn’t have to sign the contract if she didn’t want too. She didn’t have to walk around naked in front of everyone. Or wait till she was given permission to speak.

The claiming of Sleeping Beauty made me feel super angry. All I wanted to do was punch the prince in the face. He treated her like a piece of property. He was proud of himself for claiming her. Which I guess made him feel like it was ok to show off Beauty like a trophy.

The fact that this is written by a woman makes me want to ask questions. Because as a female I would never write a fantasy where a woman is treated in such a way by a man. Yes I get it that there are men like this in the world. But honestly I feel like it’s wrong in many ways to write such a story.

I don’t want to trash talk an author. Because I honestly don’t know what her intentions were for writing a story like this. If she wrote it in such a way to really rub people the wrong way. Then she succeeded. Or wrote it to bring awareness to how women are looked at and treated by some men. Because let’s be honest not all men are this terrible. But still she succeeded in that too.

Her writing however did create enough imagery for me. Which made the story play in my imagination like a movie. Which is always a good thing and the main thing I look for in any book I read. At least the writing was good. I just wished that I liked the story. I tried really hard too. It just didn’t happen.

However, I would be willing to read something else by Anne Rice. Because regardless of the author. You’re not always going to like everything they write. So, with that said. I will take it that this series was not for me. Which is fine. And if I come across anything else written by Anne Rice, I would definitely give it a chance. Like I did with this book. Or any book I pick up that sounds interesting.

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