A Week of No Reading

Martiemary Rose
2 min readFeb 4

Day 5 update

Photo by Ashkan Forouzani on Unsplash

Day five was ok. I did feel the urge to read. Especially since I was able to leave work thirty minutes early. Which meant I was sitting at my boyfriends job for an hour waiting for him to get off. And during that time the urge to read was high. So, luckily I had brought my sketch book with me and decided to do some drawing.

Day five also seemed to be passing me by as I was feeling like I was moving at a snails paste. So much for the off feeling going away. But I pushed through. I got a lot done at my job. More than I thought to be honest with you. When I got home I did some more self-care. I allowed myself to take a longer hot shower than usual, I laid around in my baggie pajamas and watched tv with my boyfriend.

Overall my day was kind of rough. But it wasn’t a terrible day. I’m also almost done with a doodle that I’ve been working on. So, I’m hoping I can have it done tomorrow.

This was a short update. But I’m trying to stick to my daily updates like I said I would. Thank you for reading! Have you ever had an off day? What did you for yourself during that? Feel free share in the comments section down below.

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