A week of No Reading

Martiemary Rose
2 min readFeb 1

Day two

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Day two wasn’t nearly as bad as day one. But that’s because I worked most of my day. Just a little fun fact… well depends if you think it’s a fun fact. Anyway, I work at a place where we wash, dry and fold laundry all day. I find it relaxing. Plus, with doing the same thing over and over again, I find that it makes it easier for me to let my mind wander. Which usually leads me to coming up with ideas for a story I’m working on. Or something new to do. As my day went on yesterday I ended up with a headache which kept me from wanting to read. So, to be honest having a headache made my day easier in a sense. I didn’t get that urge to read. But made my day harder because I didn’t get to my artist way task or my daily cleaning.

But I also found that I have been wanting to write more now that I have some extra time. Which to be honest I kind of seen that happening. Just because when I want to read, I also want to write. And I’m sure you can tell that I choose reading over writing. I’m not sure why. Just know that it has become a habit that I need to break.

I also learned that it’s easier to write with a headache, than it is to read with one. It’s easier to walk away from the laptop to give yourself a small break from the lighting. Plus, wearing sunglasses also helps you to push through. Where as trying to read with a headache isn’t that simple. Usually reading makes the headache worse. And I don’t know about you. But for me once I start reading I can’t seem to put the book down. Another thing I do is, I like to stop reading when I’m about to start a new chapter. To me it just seems easier to pick up where I left off.

But that’s it for now. It’s a shorter post than usual. Thank you for reading! Feel free to share any thoughts you may have. As well as any reading habits you may have. Don’t be shy to share, all bookworms have a weird side. I just keep mine hidden. But I promise if you stick around you’ll start to see my weird side slowly come out. It can’t stay hidden forever, right?

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